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Most cities will have a wide range of hotels, to suit every budget. However, you should book well in advance if you're planning to stay at a popular destination, to make sure that you get the hotel that you want. This is particularly good advice during local holidays. Chain hotels vary widely in price, but if you find a chain you like and stick with it, then you may qualify for free or discounted rooms once you've stayed for a specific number of nights. Theme parks often have hotels attached, which offer free entry or discounted to the park itself. There are also many unusual or novel ways to see the Americas, including staying in treehouses in Oregon and sleeping on a house boat in Brazil, or an eco-lodge on the Amazon.

Countryside cabanas are a great way to see rural Argentina. They're generally small self-catering lodges, set in peaceful locations. You can find small self-catering cabins in many other rural destinations. Homestays are popular with Spanish language students in some South American countries.

Beach resorts are available at most seaside destinations. They generally have excellent facilities, and you'll want for nothing. Most popular resorts have numerous small seaside hotels that generally offer easy access to the beach, but fewer facilities than the luxury resorts. It's also possible to find very basic beach accommodation and eco-lodges, particularly in South America. To escape from the crowds, try finding somewhere with rustic accommodation away from large resorts.

Luxury Accommodation

Luxury accommodation in the Americas comes in several major forms. Luxury city hotels are aimed at affluent business people and tourists. They often come equipped with spas, swimming pools, high-end restaurants, beauty salons and any other creature comfort you care to imagine. Many of these hotels will help you to organise excursions around whichever city you're based in.

Luxury resorts are often attached to golf courses, boating lakes and other country-club type leisure activities. Resorts in Vegas generally offer access to a swimming pool and plenty of opportunities for sunbathing, as well as their own casino and gaming machines.

Luxury ski resorts are found in parts of the USA, Canada, and South America, particularly in Chile and Argentina. They offer extremely well-developed facilities, easy access to the slopes and an excellent après-ski scene.

Boutique hotels are increasingly popular, and a great way to stay in cities and destinations like Long Island. They are generally a lot smaller than regular hotels, but the size means that luxury often comes in the form of a more personal level of service than you'd get at larger hotels, rather than extensive facilities. Boutique hotels are particularly worthwhile in Mexico and some other parts of South America, as you get to stay in comfort but also enjoy traditional local food and hospitality.

Luxury cruises are available on various routes around the Americas. They operate like extremely high-end floating hotels, and you'll be able to see several destinations in style while enjoying the on board pools, Jacuzzis, nail bars and various other facilities. Some cruises book big-name bands to provide on-ship entertainment. Luxury self-catering options are available in some beach resorts, and particularly in destinations like the Hamptons. The larger examples are perfect for celebrating a birthday or another big family occasion.

Budget Accommodation

The most popular type of budget attraction is the motel. As the name suggests, these are particularly handy when you're travelling – but there's nothing to stop you staying in one for a few days if you're enjoying a particularly interesting road trip destination. Bed and breakfasts and guesthouses – called pousada in Brazil – are popular across both North and South America. They are generally clean and well-kept, and the owners are full of helpful local advice. The bigger ski resorts have a wide range of accommodation, so you should be able to find something on budget if you're watching you pennies. Camping is popular, particularly in Canada. A great way to take advantage of the proliferation of campsites is to hire a camper van to get around in. The main drawback is that, while camper vans are great for touring wilderness areas, they're cumbersome if you want to travel into major cities. Plan carefully to avoid driving headaches. Hostels generally aren't as popular in the Americas as in other continents, but you can always find them in large cities and most other popular destinations.

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