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Sinai Holidays tells you the best places to visit in this beautiful region of egypt with maps, pictures and resort reviews. Find out which Sinai resorts to stay at for your holiday and day tours to visit the best scenic attractions in Egypt.
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The Red Sea has Egypt’s most popular and most Westernised seaside resorts, and is also a brilliant place to come if you’re interested in diving. The Sinai Peninsula is the section of Egypt that’s in the Middle East rather than Africa, and has several sights of religious significance, as well as hangouts that are popular with an alternative crowd. If you’re interested in a beach holiday with guaranteed sunshine, are interest in Jewish or Christian religious sights or are interested in finding out more about the local Bedouin culture and the wildlife of the desert, then Sinai and the Red Sea have something for you.

What to Do in Sinai

The main seaside resorts are Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheik. Hurghada, which is on the ‘mainland’ has more budget accommodation and is popular with Russian tourists, while on the Sinai peninsula Sharm-el-Sheikh is prettier and more upmarket. Both have numerous surrounding locations where you can go diving, although Sharm is closest to the famous Blue Hole. If you’re more interested in sightseeing than sunbathing then Mount Sinai is a must see – this is where Moses was given the Ten Commandments. A popular excursion is to walk up the mountain in the cool of the night and watch the dawn from the summit.

Where to Stay in Sinai

The main resort towns have plenty of diving schools, and have many other excursions on offer too. Quad biking in the desert, trips to monasteries, and jeep safaris are available. If you’re not into conventional resorts, try staying at Dahab, which has long been popular with hippies. Egypt is a big country and it’s a long way to both Cairo and Luxor. However, its perfectly feasible to get a long distance bus or an internal flight to see sights associated with Ancient Egypt as an add-on to your seaside holiday.

Sinai Accommodation

The two main resorts have associated airports, or you can travel here at the end of a Nile Cruise holiday.

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