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Luxor Holidays offers a handy travel insight to egypt with maps, pictures and hotel reviews. Find out which Luxor hotels to stay at, what iconic attractions to see and where to mingle with the locals.
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Luxor is a fairly small town in terms of population, but an absolutely massive destination in terms of tourism. It forms the major base for Nile cruise holidays and trips to the southern part of Egypt, as well as having plenty of attractions in its own right. The ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes was based near modern day Luxor, and you’ll find some of the most famous locations in Egyptian history on the town’s doorstep. There are plenty of activities too – horse and camel riding, desert walks and felucca cruises are all on offer.

What to Do in Luxor

The Valley of the Kings is one of the most noted ancient sights in the world. The tomb of Rameses VI is one of the best in the Valley, with detailed paintings, although there are many others that you should definitely see too. The Valley of the Queens lies close by – you can hike there, but take plenty of water. Other major sights in Luxor include the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak. You can bike to some of these sights, or take a camel or horse safari. You should also take a felucca cruise along the Nile, if its not included in any of your subsequent tour guide activities.

Where to Stay in Luxor

There’s a wide range of accommodation in the town, and you’re sure to find something on budget. Many cruises operate from here, however its usually recommended to stay in the town in a hotel, rather than on a cruise ship, as the number of ships mean that they may end up being parked side by side, which reduces your view and means that tourists have to traipse over each other’s ships to get to the land. Luxor is noted for being fairly bad for ‘hassle’, usually dished out by touts who want you to buy something. Pre-booking onto tours, taxis and hotels can be a good way of avoiding some touts, but the best way to deal with it them is with humour, as its unlikely you’ll escape it entirely!

Luxor Accommodation

Luxor has its own airport, however, its well connected to other major sights in Egypt by bus or train.

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