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The ‘dark continent’ is usually seen on your TV screen because of wars or famine. But it’s a shame that the media hardly ever cover Africa’s good news stories, including its vibrant holiday destinations. The traditional African holiday usually includes a safari – often to see the ‘Big Five’, which are elephants, buffalos, rhinos, lions and leopards. But there are also teeming cities that offer a multitude of attractions, ancient ruins – this is where human life began, after all – and wonderful beach resorts. And don’t forget the African people; wherever you go, support locals by buying their crafts, and learn about their cultures.

African Travel Guide – Where to Go

The North of Africa has several fantastic Mediterranean beach resorts, generally in countries that are also famous destinations for markets and trading – think Morocco and Tunisia. These are popular and accessible holiday destinations for everyone, including families and senior travellers. Southern Africa is one of the best places in the world to see game. All the desert regions hold a surprising amount of wildlife, best seen with local guides. The Indian Ocean coast, its islands, are excellent for swimming, snorkelling and whale-watching – perfect for honeymoons. Intrepid backpackers should head for the continent’s interior – check travel advice before you go.

For those who are truly dedicated and have a few months to spare, several companies run Cairo to Cape routes. These generally go through the Sudan and Ethiopia and visit Kenya and Tanzania; there are several routes further south, but at the moment many companies choose to avoid Zimbabwe by travelling through Zimbabwe, then down through Namibia to the Cape. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy a week or three travelling around one or two African countries. Try not to do too much as distances can be vast, and make sure you have all your vaccinations in order well before travelling.

Africa itself can be infectious, however – once you’ve been once, you may find yourself longing to return.

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