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Rabat Holidays tells you the best places to visit in this beautiful region of morocco with maps, pictures and resort reviews. Find out which Rabat resorts to stay at for your holiday and day tours to visit the best scenic attractions in Morocco.
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Fez, Rabat and Casablanca are three of Morocco's most popular and vibrant cities. Fez has an extensive medieval medina – visit for its beautiful architecture and numerous historical sights. Rabat is Morocco's current capital – it's lively and has plenty to see, including a 12th century tower. Casablanca may have few sights, but is worth visiting for its laid-back atmosphere and excellent nightlife, and it's also the gateway to several other nearby picturesque towns where you'll find out more about small-town life in Morocco, as well as see some postcard perfect scenery.

What to Do in Rabat & Casablanca

In Fez, the best thing to do is simply to wander the streets of the old town. You'll see colourful tanneries, and the ornate architecture of the madresa, or religious school. There are also tombs, a shrine, a famous pharmacy and a souk, which is said to be the best place in Morocco to buy arts and crafts.

Around Casablanca, Chefchouen is a beautiful mountain town with a ruined mosque and a Kasbah. Try trekking through the nearby hills if you're feeling energetic, or you can browse in the souk – Chefchoen is particularly noted for leather goods. Another popular town close to Casablanca is Moulay Idriss. It is close to Phoenician and Roman ruins, and has some beautiful buildings.

Where to Stay in Rabat & Casablanca

Rabat is definitely worth a visit. There's a city beach, a Kasbah, and you can see the ruins of the city of Chellah, and the exterior of the Royal Palace. Wherever you go in Morocco, you might get some overly enthusiastic locals trying to get you to pay for guides and various other services on the streets. If you don't want anything, be firm. If you do want a guide, then arrange one in advance with your hotel.

Morocco is a big country – it takes four days to travel between Casablanca and Fez, for example. If you are planning to travel around, then remember to factor in sufficient time to get around.

Rabat Accommodation Reviews

Morocco has several airports, and can be reached on no-frills airlines from Europe

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